Java Developer Salary Trends in South Africa

They may also be involved in debugging and troubleshooting existing code, and maintaining and improving the performance of existing applications. In addition, most developers are “fluent” in several languages, which will affect the final figures. Java developers in South Africa can expect to see their most significant salary jump once they have more than four years of experience. Java developers with four to six years of experience see their salaries rise by 49.5% to R49,661. As a result of this increase, they’ve widened their advantage over their PHP counterparts to 44.56%.

Senior Java developer salary

A good starting salary for a senior java developer is $83,000 in the United States. That puts you in the 10th percentile of annual income for a senior java developer in the U.S., which is about what you would expect if you were new to the field. The average salary for senior java developers is $106,869, but that normally requires some level of experience to achieve. Furthermore, a good starting salary for a senior java developer can vary by state.

Salary for Java Programmer (Mid-Level) in Ukraine

As a result, Java can run on any device or operating system with the JVM installed. This gives Java developers a ton of flexibility, as they don’t need to worry about operating system-specific conventions or performance issues. By contrast, developers working in C or C++ need to “work close to the hardware” by carefully writing code specific to a device’s operating system or central processing unit (CPU). Since its earliest versions, Java has grown and developed over two decades into the highly flexible and secure language we know today. Thanks to its multi-platform compatibility, Java can be found anywhere, from laptops and supercomputers to smartphones and game consoles. Indeed shows the highest average Java developer salary, which is $102,633 per year.

Senior Java developer salary

According to Glassdoor, the average base salary for a Java Back-end Developer is $111,635. Additionally, they can also expect to earn additional compensation in the form of a bonus in the range of  $1,732 – $61,138. Senior Java developers with more than ten years of experience can expect an additional 42.3% increase for an average salary of R96,221. At this stage of their careers, they’ve overtaken senior Python developers. Senior Java developers with at least six years of experience can expect to earn an average annual salary of €60 663, 11.8% up from the previous experience bracket.

Java Developers Salary in the USA

Due to the high popularity of the language, Java developer requirements are growing, especially in relation to junior developers. Obviously, Java is still one of the most easily accessible areas of programming, but you can not go far enough without practice knowledge. The resource of TIOBE software quality company publishes index, which is updated monthly and shows statistics on the popularity of various programming languages.

Created in partnership with Talent Inc., the new course gives learners a grasp of front-end, middleware, and back-end Java web developer technologies. The course guides students through building an end-to-end application, testing and deploying code, storing data using MongoDB, and other skills. So let’s dig into the roles and responsibilities, skills required, and, ultimately, a java developer salary by role and geography. Location can also play a role in determining a Java Developer’s salary. Java Developers who work in cities with a high cost of living, such as San Francisco or New York, can expect to earn higher salaries than those who work in smaller cities or rural areas.

Java Developer, Sr. Pay Difference by Location

Ukraine has a big amount of highly educated programmers working with foreign companies worldwide, and cooperate with European developers particularly due to the small time difference. Apart from having affordable rates, Ukrainian Java salaries can be well-predicted for the time of the of the project. Based on tendencies over the period of 7 years, we can safely assume that rates will either remain the same or will increase by approximately 2%. So, if we want to compare Java developer average salary in the USA and worldwide, here is a general picture of Java salaries.

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  • Once they have two years of experience under their belts, the average salary for a junior Spring developer increases by a massive 46.1%.
  • Since 2001, Java keeps its positions scoring either 1st or 2nd place in the rating.

Entry-level Spring developers start with an average monthly salary of R25,098, 5.9% more than the average for an entry-level Java developer. A Java developer’s role also affects their earning potential across their careers. Let’s see what full stack Java developers earn at each stage of their careers. We also ran an outlier analysis to identify data points skewing the distribution of salaries.

Average Spring Developer Salaries by Experience

For a long time, for me, it has been all about succeeding as much as possible in the main job, so putting all the effort, attention and time there. Attend our free webinar to amp up your career and get the salary you deserve. Additionally, certain industries may pay higher salaries for Java Developers than others. The data in this article is taken from OfferZen’s 2023 State of the Software Developer Nation Report. In this article, ‘salary’ refers to the gross monthly salary (before tax) provided by more than 4500 survey respondents.

Whether they’re managing a whole project or just an individual (albeit large) part, senior developers are the “captains” of their respective ships. Mid-level or middle positions are typically for those with at least three to five years of experience in software development. Since the use and application of Java is incredibly diverse, Java developers can find themselves working on an even greater diversity of projects and technologies.

Complete Java developer salary data

They have a proven track-record of delivering PCR instrumentation, analysis software & services across a range of applications. With recent expansion across the group they are aiming to further grow their research & development activities to deliver the next generation of PCR technology. As part of this process they are scaling up their development team to introduce a new software engineer to help create & maintain their suite of Java desktop applications. Senior Spring developers with more than six years of experience can expect an additional 43.2% increase for an average salary of R72,816.

Senior Java developer salary

One of the biggest factors that can impact a Java Developer’s salary is their level of experience. Entry-level Java Developers, who have just graduated from a coding bootcamp or have less than one year of experience, can expect to earn a salary of around $81,194 per year. As a Java Developer gains more experience, their salary can increase significantly. Average salaries are single data points and only one part of a bigger story.

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